Cash Bids


  Oct Nov September
Bucyrus WHEAT, HRW - 12% Futures Price 541'2s 541'2s  
Futures Month @KW0Z @KW0Z  
Futures Change
Basis -0.62 -0.59  
Cash Price 4.79 4.82  
WHEAT, HRS 14% Futures Price 552'2s 552'2s 575'4s
Futures Month @MW0Z @MW0Z @MW1U
Futures Change
Basis -0.62 -0.57 -0.74
Cash Price 4.90 4.95 5.01
SOYBEANS Futures Price 1056'4s 1056'4s  
Futures Month @S0X @S0X  
Futures Change
Basis -0.85 -0.79  
Cash Price 9.71 9.77  

Our Valued Customers,

To protect the health and safety of customers, our employees, and the communities where we operate, UGC is asking for your cooperation.  Until further notice we require that you remain in your truck when making deliveries to our elevators as our office building will be employees only. Please use the phone for all business contact until this emergency ends.

Thank you!

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Welcome to United Grain Corporation – Bucyrus

305 6th Street NW

Hettinger ND 58639


Office Hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm.  Travis Finck Elevator Manager






Bids subject to change and confirmation