We Feed the World

For over 50 years, we’ve been the Pacific Northwest’s premier grain exporter.
We deliver high quality products, including wheat, feed grains and oilseeds to global customers — backed by superior service from our headquarters in Vancouver, Washington.

Our Vancouver Export Terminal (VET) boasts the largest storage capacity on the U.S. West Coast at 220,000 metric tons
(8 million bushels) with an annual handling capacity of 5 million tons.

With locations across Washington, Oregon, Montana and the Dakotas, we have forged strong relationships throughout the decades. Backed by adaptability and trust, we help bridge producers with global customers. Our relationships and experience help ensure that we not only support our customers but also provide a lifeline that helps feed the world.

A Message From Our President and Chief Executive Officer

United Grain Corporation knows the market. We realize that purchasing and buying grain is a challenge in our dynamic global environment that is affected by competition, changing shifts in food demands, and uncontrollable forces. We combat these challenges and deliver success through our knowledge and perseverance in the market. We’ve built our reputation on knowledge, but also on our integrity, ethics, honesty, accountability, reliability, diversity and interdependence, from the West Coast to across the globe. Our focus has always been on developing long-term relationships with our buyers and suppliers with the goal to offer superior services, reliable execution and quality products. We work as a team to provide the best service every step in the supply chain, from seed to grain to delivery. I’m proud of our legacy and the work that United Grain Corporation performs every day to meet expectations and create value for our customers. Augusto Bassanini President & CEO